Monday, October 8, 2012


Hi Everyone!



For new members it will be $14.95 per year...not per month!

In case you missed the call today, here is the Recording
Starts late - move the player lever to the time 9:30

Wealth4All Marketing Association is now under the "Private
Domain", not the "Public Domain", and under the protection
of the laws of the U.S. Supreme Court.

New launch date is set for Saturday, October 13, 2012!

We will login to our backoffices next Saturday and
pay the $1 and sign the membership Association Contract.

All the details and instructions will be on the Wealth4All website.

Information about the Genesis Project will be there also.

Please note that the Wealth4All Marketing Association and
Project Genesis are two separate entities.  W4A Association
is the main program.

There will be a call on Saturday, October 13, 2012

2pm EST
1pm CSt
12pm MST
11pm PST

US Dial information: 1-530-881-1300  Pin number: 408688#

Skype Dial information.  Please make a friend request in
Skype to: freeconferencing. 530-881-1300 Once freeconferencing
approves your request you can dial into the call as follows:
In Skype: Find freeconferencing.530-881-1300  hit the dial button
and then enter pin number: 408688. THE CALL WILL BE RECORDED.


There will not be a call during the week to allow them to
put everything in place for this Saturday.

Here's to Getting Paid AGAIN With Wealth4All Team!



Claire & David Pegram
1.347.920.2579 (EST)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wealth4All Set to Re-Launch Saturday, 10.13.12


We're on our way...

New launch date is set for Saturday, October 13, 2012!

Call today at 2pm EST...see below.

Our referrals stay with us, so we can update them through
our Wealth4All Team Backoffice.  Click on the "envelope"
next to their name and let them know we are back in business.



Danny's Update from the Skype Room:

We have put together the ultimate business of the century
on the internet world we are setting a type for generation
to come, a business which will be real for everyone On
Saturday the 13th of October by God grace we shall have all
the details given to you and start the new business which
will be a complete package. Please communicate this important
event with your down-line. The call will be recorded and
available on the website for all of you who cannot attend.
At that time you will have the money in your back office that
is due to you. But if right now you have money in I-Payout,
is yours to take.



US Dial information: 1-530-881-1300  Pin number: 408688#
Skype Dial information.  Please make a friend request in
Skype to: freeconferencing. 530-881-1300 Once freeconferencing
approves your request you can dial into the call as follows:
In Skype: Find freeconferencing.530-881-1300  hit the dial button
and then enter pin number: 408688. THE CALL WILL BE RECORDED.

I will be continuing with Wealth4All Team as I have always made
money with them.  They do what they say they are going to do and
have our best interests at heart.  By changing this program to
a Marketing Association we are protected by the laws of the
U.S. Supreme Court and can continue doing business under those
guidelines.  This means that we have to pay a "membership fee",
which is now $14.95 a month, and be under a Marketing Association
Contract.  This is pretty reasonable and will allow us to continue
making hundreds of dollars without fear of being closed down.

Go on the call today (it will also be recorded), to help
you make a decision.



This was posted by a W4A Member in the Skype room:

As good old Henry Ford once said,
"Whether you think you can or can't, you are right".

[12:21:01 AM | Edited 12:25:49 AM] johnmac121: "The Wall Street
Journal recently published an article about the significance of
our beliefs and the mental models, or mindsets that shape our
behavior. According to the psychologists interviewed for the
piece, we act and perform in accordance with the beliefs these
models tell us is true... For example, if you think something
is not possible or out of your reach, you're probably not going
to commit much energy and resources to accomplishing that
goal...Old habits die slowly because they are driven by an
outdated mindset... In order to replace old habits though a change
in your mindset, there are three steps you should follow:

1. First, begin by specifically identifying the results you want.
2. Then create and develop actions that will accomplish those results.
3. Lastly, examine your beliefs about those actions to determine if
they are holding you back... So if you want to achieve your goals,
create a mindset made of beliefs that support the truth you want in
your future."
Article by Bob Lodie


Here's to Getting Paid AGAIN With Wealth4All Team!


Claire & David Pegram
1.347.920.2579 (EST)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Do You Have a Lot of "Free" Members in Your Wealth4All Team?

Do you have a lot of free members who have joined your Wealth4All Team?

Sometimes this is a case of people who are program-hoppers that join every new program that looks good and then forget they even joined. I send these members a message from my W4A Backoffice every now and then letting them know of my success and asking if they need help getting started.

Today, I am writing about those "free" members who would like to participate but who do not have the funds to get started.

Did you know that Wealth4All Team PAYS "free" members on their referrals?
This is great news because they will only need to sponsor 6 members to receive $30.00 - 6 x $5 Fast Referral Bonuses. 100% percent of their bonus is paid immediately to their "Available Balance". This is not cycle money, so the 50% does NOT go into the "cycle bucket". They will earn even more when their referrals start purchasing TAPs. They will get $1 for each TAP Level 1 purchase. So if their 6 referrals purchased 1 TAP each, they would earn an additional $6 for a total of $36.

Your "free" members now have the funds already in their Wealth4All eWallet and can pay their one-time $10 Registration Fee PLUS purchase their first $16 Level 1 TAP. They will have $10 left towards the puchase of another TAP Level 1.
They will earn $4.50 in 10 days from their "cycle payment" of which the entire amount will go into their "cycle bucket" (cycle payments under $5 goes into the cycle bucket).

Meanwhile the 6 members they sponsored will also be purchasing TAPs and this is paid immediately to their "available balance", so they will probably have the $6 they need for their 2nd or even 3rd TAP before the 10 days!

They will receive 10% on ALL their referrals TAP purchases forever...this is RESIDUAL income!

These referral bonuses plus the cycle payments from their TAPs will allow them to continue purchasing TAPs using their "cycle bucket" earnings and their "available balance" earnings combined.

I believe in the Chinese Proverb: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".

Therefore, I encourage you to let your "free" members know that with a little hard one time and earn residual income forever, they too can be successful with Wealth4All.

As their sponsor, I encourage you to contact them, and work with anyone who is sincere and dedicated to their success. If you decide to work with them, I recommend giving them free tools, such as Traffic Exchanges, Credit Safelists, and Classified Ad sites. These all work for me and it only takes a few minutes each day to eventually see results. If they are consistent and patient, they will start to sponsor members...and maybe more than 6!

Here are some Advertising Tools & Resources:

The Best of Luck to You & Your "Free" Members...may they be on their way to financial freedom with Wealth4All Team!

Residual Income:
also called  recurring income, is income that continues to be generated after the initial effort has been expended. Compare this to what most people focus on earning: linear income, which is "one-shot" compensation or payment in the form of a fee, wage, commission or salary.
Linear income is directly proportional to the number of hours put into it (40 hrs. of pay for 40 hrs. of work), but one of the great advantages of residual income is that once things are set in motion, you continue making money from your initial efforts, while gaining time to devote to other things... such as generating more streams of residual income!
Residual-type programs may be harder and more time-consuming to develop as opposed to promoting products and services of other suppliers, but the rewards are usually greater, and the income more stable. Good, honest, "one-shot" linear income is ok, but given a choice, which would you rather do: work hard and get paid only once, through linear income, or get paid continuously - perhaps for years or even the rest of your life - for hard work you perform only once, through residual income?


Not a member yet?  As you can see, we will gladly work with you one-on-one if you want to join as a free member and work towards getting your 6.  Or you can join today and start earning in 10 Days!  Go here to get started either way:

Be sure that your enroller is David Pegram #369
If not, please clear your computer's "cookies".

Go here to see all you will receive as a "Winner's Team" member:

Here's to Getting Paid Every 10 Days Like Clockwork!



1.641.715.3900 ext. 921699#

Monday, April 23, 2012

I Got PAID Again! You Will Too!

What's New At Wealth4All Team


I know you will agree with me when I
say that we have found "the golden goose",
and our eggs keep hatching.  As long as
we have Training & Advertising Packages (TAPs),
we will earn on them every 10 days until they
expire...but since we are always purchasing
more, either manually (from earnings or deposits),
or through the 50% repurchase feature,
we will always have steadily increasing earnings.

Always know when you will get's an

online date calculator-just put in 10 days:

I can't say enough good things about
Wealth4all.  As I keep saying, this is now
my MAIN program because it pays consistently
plus we have so many other benefits as members.

Wealth4All's New Payment Processor
*Because of a misunderstanding with Paylution
"All Paylution accounts originally created have
been cancelled. We will be sending out new registration
emails to only US and Canadian members, the other
countries will be added at a later date."

The fees will be much lower, for example, it will
be a flat rate instead of by dollar amount!  We
will be able to purchase a Debit Mastercard for
less than $20.  Can't wait!

For now, we are continuing to use Alertpay and
Solid Trust Pay for Deposits and Withdrawals.

Social Media 10l W4A Training - From Email:
*We have some very exciting marketing training
in store for ALL Wealth4all members this week
that you won’t want to miss!

Monday 7PM EST  -  “A Compelling Proposition” –
Join Vivienne and learn how to truly compel your
prospect to join your business. Learning the
‘science’ of compelling is a marketing secret
that few know how to do well. Although this is
a very big subject with many different facets,
Vivienne will provide members with a high level
view of how to begin compelling versus selling.

Wednesday 7PM EST – “W4all Social Media 101” –
Peter Currie will  lead us through the exciting
development of Social Media Marketing. This is a
high intensity training course that will run 4 to
6 weeks and is sold on the internet for as much
as $500. Wealth4all members will have the opportunity
to receive this training at no cost! On Wednesday
you will need to have completed some homework to
prepare for the class so if you will be joining us,
please contact Vivienne at
and request the Social Media instruction document
so you will be prepared. This will be a very highly
sought after class so please contact Vivienne and
reserve your spot NOW!

Both training sessions will be held in the
‘Meet Vivienne’ conference room accessible from your
Wealth4all back office.

Wealth4All Exciting Training You Wont Want to Miss!

I sent Vivienne an email and received my book the
next day...loaded it to my Nook Book to Read.

Wealth4All Team Lucrative Point System

As a Wealth4All member, when you login to your account you will 
see how you can earn Cash and Profit Sharing Units just for being
active at the Wealth4All Business &  Social Network!

Make new friends, advertise your other programs
using the Blog, Pages, & Marketplace.  Add Videos,
pictures, Polls and more.

Very Important:  Edit your profile, click on
"about me" and enter your W4A ID Number.

When you use the "inviter" feature, where you can
import contacts from gmail etc., you will receive
a link.  Make a note of this link so that you can
invite others and be credited for it.  Be sure to
enter this link PLUS your W4A Referral Link in the
outgoing message.

Posted on the Social Network:
"We Have 4 Winners this second 10 Days I want YOU to
WINNER IS (Sidhanath Singh). From the winners I need
the ID# in W4AT."

- $100 - $75 - $50 - $25 - $10 - PLUS PSUs"

You do NOT have to particpate in this to earn!

Dropcards for ANY business!  My Wealth4All Winner's Team
get these Dropcards FREE!

As a member of our Winner's Team for Wealth4All I will enter your
W4A Referral Link in our Team Rotators to help you get referrals!

Heres to Earning EVERY 10 Days Like Clockwork!

Claire & David Pegram #369
Skype:  claire-lockett

P.S.  Join for free and you will be upgraded to
a Platinum Membership where you can Post
Daily plus have 1 Banner rotated.  Join all
five Safelists and give me the name, Banner
Image, and Destination URL for each of 5 Banners-one for each
safelist or one for all five

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Wealth4All Team Paid Out it's First $100,000.00 !!!


I would like to take this opportunity to inform you and at the same time Congratulate our whole Wealth4all family of a major milestone we achieved today !

Since our re-launch in January 15th and as of today, we have paid out our first $100,000.00 in bonuses and cycle payments to our members !!

Congratulations to everyone !  This achievement would not have been posible without your help, hard work, enthusiasm in promoting our business and bringing new people into our family.

I can tell you, it is exciting for us to pay you that money and to have achieved this milestone because one, it proves our system works, two, it shows the program pays and last but to me the most important, there are some of you that have received these payments and your lives have changed.

Some of you have been able to use this money to put gas in your cars, put food on the table, buy clothes for your family, pay some bills that were overdue, take an overdue vacation or time off, and the list goes on and on ! Please keep sending us your testimonials as to how this company and this great team have helped you change your life.

The management team at wealth4all is excited about the future we all share and are shapping together and again wishes to congratulate all of you for this and many more milestones to come !

The Best Is Yet To Come !



I am now getting paid DAILY!

Everyone gets paid 10 Days After Purchasing a Training & Advertising Package (TAP).

That means if you join today and purchase a TAP you will get paid 10 days later!

Use this online Calendar and put in 10 days from the date of your purchase:

There is no sponsoring required in order to earn, but I have made hundreds of
dollars in Fast Referral Bonuses and 10% of every TAP purchase!

I am building my foundation and purchasing TAPs consistently...soon I will have
purchased all the TAP packages...available, through Level 5 and will start
over with Level 6 at the Level 1 Price.  I will always have TAPs earning me
money and my income will steadily increase!

This is NOT an MLM where you have to build a downline in order to earn,
not a gifting program that mostly never works, you don't have to be on autoship
for a hundred dollars or more in order to just  buy Advertising 
Packages where you can advertise any program or business of your choosing!

Wealth4All is also a Training Program where you receive basic and advanced
Internet Marketing Training in a live Webinar.  Attend one of our Opportunity
Webinars held every Tuesday at 8pm EST, and on Saturdays at 2pm EST, 
followed by Training at 3pmEST

We also have a Social & Business Network and anyone can join, even if
they are not a member of Wealth4All (yet lol) where everyone can make
new friends PLUS advertising their program/business.  Click here to join

As a member of our "Winner's Team", you will receive a FREE $100
Dropcard to use in your offline advertising like this one...

 I will also put your Referral Link in our Winner's Team Rotators!

You can join for free, attend or view the Opportunity Webinars, and the member's
testimonies  in your backoffice so that you can make an informed decision.  You can 
also contact me if you have any questions.

You are virtually guaranteed to Earn...with a sustainable home business you can trust and rely on...don't delay, join us today.  You'll be glad you did!

Here's to Wealth4All!

Claire & David Pegram
1.641.715.3900 ext. 921699#

Friday, March 9, 2012

YEAHHH! Founding Member's Bonus Paid Again!

Well, Wealth4All is working!

This is our 2nd Founding Member's Bonus and it's BIGGER
because the membership is growing!

If you are still thinking about whether or not to join
Wealth4All, be assured we are here to stay and
will only get better.

This is an advertising home-based business so you
can promote any business you like and get paid
to do it.

You will get paid EVERY 10 Days...and we get paid like CLOCKWORK!

It's only $26 to start.  $10 for a one-time
registeration fee and $16 for your first
Training & Advertising Package (TAP).

Join today and get paid 10 days later!

Let's Do More!  Rose & Bill Bassett are Admin
for this Wealth4All Teambuild in the $2 Dollar
Miracle...Earn money to purchase TAPs...check it out!


Here's to Wealth4All!


P.S.  Join our Wealth4All Social & Business Network
to meet the members and advertise your business even if you
are not a member yet: