Monday, January 26, 2015

Perpetual Money Machine for 2015!

uwhtmlad12.12.14 Check out this Perpetual Money Machine, built for
sustainability and longevity, via a one-time $5 Admin
Fee and $2 Advance Subscription payment for 15 days!

Instead of re-entries, which only help the first ones in,
when you cycle, you receive funds deposited to your
Subscription Wallet, so that you will continue to earn
over and over again...your account will never close!

Every member helps each other as the subscriptions
fall under the last ones in pushing everyone through
the cycles.  Automatic subscription PURCHASES,
not just members, fuel this machine...INGENIOUS!

Since launch, 11.24.14, here are the Stats as of 1.26.15

Total Members

Total Paid Out

Total Subs
Total Subscription Wallet
These subscriptions are funds that must be placed into the program
to benefit all members and this number continues to grow each day.
When you cycle, you receive cash and more
subscriptions to keep you cycling over and over

The sooner you join, the sooner you will start making money!

Everyone who join Our Wealth Team will have their
Unison Wealth Affiliate Link placed in our Team Rotators
to help you get referrals...they will be advertised on
over 45 Traffic Exchanges daily!

To Your Success!

David Pegram